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Austin students who have been thinking about whether a career as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant is right for them should learn more about what they should do in order to become successful in the field. To ensure that your career gets off to a strong, competitive start, you need to begin by learning more about the schools and training programs that can prepare you to excel in your vocational journey. To get started on the right foot, view the information provided below.

List of Elite Programs in Austin

Find Accredited Physical Therapy Courses in Austin

Austin residents who want to ensure that they attain the highest quality education should know that the way to make it happen is by enrolling in accredited training courses. To find the type of absolutely amazing classes that will arm you with the knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of physical therapy, call several colleges and ask for an on-site tour and Q & A session that will enable you to learn as much about the learning institution as possible.

Physical Therapy Certification in Austin

physical therapy image1After Austin residents acquire a physical therapy or physical therapy assistant degree from an approved program, they must submit two items. The first is an official transcript from the program, and this document will be mailed straight to the state board from the learning institution you attended. (The state will not accept copies.) The second document you’ll need to send will be a letter indicating your successful completion of the program. You can also send in a diploma copy. You must also attain credentialing from an approved institution, which could include the ICA, ICD, or University of Texas at Austin. You must also pass the National Physical Therapists Exam as well as the state’s jurisprudence exam.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Austin

A physical therapist who works in Austin can expect to bring in about $84,000 annually. At the same time, a physical therapist assistant will typically earn $65,000 each year. Individuals who are considering a career in either sector should note that these rates are subject to change based on things such as your level of education and which region of the city in which you are employed.

List of Physical Therapy Schools in Austin

There are several learning institutions where you can attain a physical therapy education in Austin. They include:

Austin Community College
South University
Austin College