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When it’s time for you to select an occupation, it’s important that you attain as much information as possible regarding how to succeed in that sector. And if you live in Colorado Springs and have determined to become a physical therapist, this means that you’ll need to gain information regarding physical therapy colleges in your area. It’s critically important that you attend an accredited learning institution that offers you the type of courses, training programs, and degrees that will enable you to excel in a competitive job market. In order to ensure that you have the type of educational success that will facilitate the onset of a strong career and substantive salary, review the brief and thorough outline we’ve provided here:

List of Elite Programs in Colorado Springs

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Colorado Springs

In the world of physical therapy education, accreditation is immensely important. In short, you want to attend a physical therapy college that complies with regional, state, and/or national education guidelines. In so doing, you can be sure that you’re receiving the type of high quality education that will prepare you to serve your clients with expedience and excellence. Once you’ve found a Colorado Springs learning institution that is accredited, call or e-mail the program director and request an on-campus tour, informational brochure, Q & A session, or complimentary consultation so you can learn all about the program.

Physical Therapist Certification in Colorado Springs

physical therapy image1As with each state in America, Colorado has specific rules and regulations regarding physical therapy certification for residents in its region. Therefore, Colorado Springs residents who want to work in the field must have their credentials examined by the FCCPT, ICD, or ICA in the event that they did not attend an accredited school. Colorado Springs residents must also earn a passing score on the NPTE.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Colorado Springs

Ensuring that an occupation will provide you with stable income is important, and this is why Colorado Springs residents should be cognizant of the salary they can expect when working in physical therapy. reports that physical therapists in this region earn about $69,000 annually. If you opt to work as a physical therapist assistant, expect to earn about $54,000.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Colorado Springs

There are two physical therapy colleges you can opt to attend in the Colorado Springs area:

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
Colorado State University – Pueblo