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Delaware residents who find themselves growing interested in the physical therapy sector may want to consider learning how to become a physical therapist. If you are already intrigued with this idea, note that the key to getting started is locating an educational institution that can provide you with the insightful, innovative education that will prepare you to work in this perpetually shifting industry. To get started in your journey towards becoming a physical therapist, carefully review the basic data offered below:

List of Elite Programs in Delaware

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Delaware

Finding an accredited physical therapy college is the first step towards attaining a rewarding, resume-enhancing education. Ensuring that the school is accredited is a must because accredited learning institutions conform to a set of rigorous standards which ensure that they’re offering you the best courses and training available. To find the perfect school for you, you can do a simple internet search or look in the yellow pages. Once you have the contact information of a learning institution, proceed to call the institution and schedule a consultation, on-campus tour, or extended phone conversation in which you discuss pertinent matters such as the cost of attendance, faculty credentials and qualifications, length of programs, etc. After attaining this data, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding which Delaware program to enroll in.

Physical Therapist Certification in Delaware

physican therapy schools image1To obtain physical therapy certification in Delaware, you need to have your credentials evaluated by an approved institution such as FCCPT, ICD, IERF, or E.C.E. You must also demonstrate your proficiency in the field by passing the National Physical Therapists Exam.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Delaware

One of the most primary questions that Delaware residents are prone to ask when considering a career in physical therapy is how much they can expect to make. A physical therapist who resides in Delaware can expect to bring home about $78,000 annually. Additionally, a physical therapist assistant will typically bring in about $60,000 annually. Also note that employers will often look favorably upon employees who show initiative by enrolling in ongoing educational courses.

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List of Physical Therapist Programs in Delaware

The physical therapist program in Delaware that you can enroll in include:

University of Delaware

You can also enroll in Delaware Technical Community College for training in becoming a physical therapist assistant.

More Physical Therapy Schools in Delaware

University of DelawareNewark302-831-8910301 McKinly Lab, Newark, DE 19716