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California State University at Fresno offers the Doctor of Physical Therapy classes needed to obtain a license as a physical therapist. The curriculum takes three years of full-time study to complete, and the Fresno campus has clinics on-site to offer additional patient interaction opportunities for students. Students are also able to complete internships in addition to their classroom and laboratory instruction.

List of Elite Programs in Fresno

Physical Therapy Certification in Fresno

physical therapy image1After a student has completed the necessary physical therapy courses, a license from the Physical Therapy Board of California is required to obtain employment. Fingerprinting must be completed as part of the application, and required fees must be paid to the board as well. A sealed certificate of completion from the applicant’s physical therapy school must also be sent with the completed application. The board issues licenses to successful applicants that permit them to seek employment in the state of California.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Fresno

A career as a physical therapist can be extremely satisfying. Annual physical therapist salaries in California were cited as $91,330 recently by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. California State at Fresno cites a recent graduate employment rate of one hundred percent. Physical therapists may find that their salaries are dependent on the work schedule and employment setting that they select. Physical therapist jobs can be found in skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals. These employers may offer different levels of pay. Many employers also offer additional salary incentives for physical therapists who choose to work weekend, evening, or holiday shifts.

List of Physical Therapy Programs in Fresno

California State University at Fresno is the only accredited physical therapy program in Fresno. The college is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. California State at Fresno maintains the Gait, Balance, and Mobility Research and Education Center and the Musculoskeletal Care Clinic as clinical sites on the campus. These clinics offer the chance for students to service members of the Fresno community while enhancing their education with additional clinical practice and opportunities to complete advanced research.