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Indianapolis residents who have decided that the pursuit of a career as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant is right for them should note that attaining an exceptional education from a school that operates in excellence is important. To put this process in motion, it’s important that Indianapolis residents do thorough research regarding the training programs and certification/licensing requirements in their state. To learn more about the physical therapy schools available in your local area and surrounding regions, consider the data found below:

List of Elite Programs in Indianapolis

Find Accredited Physical Therapy Programs in Indianapolis

When it’s time for you to select an Indianapolis program from which to attain the knowledge you need to excel in the physical therapy sector, it’s important for you to select a program that is accredited. The reason for this is that accredited schools have to conform to a plethora of guidelines which ensure that they are operating in excellence and relevance. To find an accredited program in the Indianapolis area, simply do a keyword search via internet. Once you’ve found the search engine results pages listing several of the schools, you can call the ones that seem most appropriate for you in terms of tuition costs, length of program, faculty, etc.

Physical Therapist Certification in Indianapolis

physical therapy image1To work as a physical therapist in Indianapolis, you must be licensed, and there are several criteria you must meet in order to gain the license. In addition to endorsement, you must present the board with your transcripts and pass the National Physical Therapists Exam. Additionally, you must obtain credentialing services from the FCCPT, ICD, or ICA. In recognizing that you must complete a reputable educational program and take the national exam, it’s important that you place primacy on studying your material and even taking preparatory classes that will help you familiarize yourself with the information that will likely reappear on the exam.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Indianapolis

A physical therapist assistant who gains employment in the city of Indianapolis will likely bring in $60,000 annually. Also, a physical therapist who works within the city will typically bring in $77,000 annually. Please note that your location, experience level, and areas of expertise can affect your salary.

List of Physical Therapy Programs in Indianapolis

There are two schools in the Indianapolis area from which you can attain the formal training you’ll need to work proficiently in your chosen field. The colleges are:

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
University of Indianapolis