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Kentucky residents who are interested in learning how to become a physical therapist should note that the process can be fairly simple. To get started, it’s important to recognize that finding accredited physical therapy schools or training programs in your area is the first step to pursuing a successful career in this field. To get started in this process, view the information found in the guide below:

List of Elite Programs in Kentucky

Find Accredited Physical Therapy Schools in Kentucky

Once you begin the process of finding physical therapy colleges, remember that you should be taking courses and obtaining degrees from a learning institution that is accredited. Also note that there are several other measures you can take to ensure that you are selecting the ideal learning institution. In addition to calling the school and requesting a campus tour, you can do online research to learn about the institution’s qualifications, credentials, tuition, reputation, faculty interests, etc. Remember to compare and contrast the offerings of several learning institutions before you make your final decision regarding where to enroll.

Physical Therapy Certification in Kentucky

physical therapy schools image1Each student must have their credentials evaluated by the FCCPT or ICA. Additionally, each student must obtain a passing score on the National Physical Therapists Exam. Kentucky residents must also complete a four hour AIDS course. Foreign graduates are also required to complete at least 3 months of supervised physical therapy work that is approved by the board.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Kentucky

Kentucky residents who work as physical therapists can expect to bring home an average annual income of $77,000. However, aspiring physical therapists should note that a plethora of factors can affect how much one makes annually. One such factor includes the extent of one’s education. For example, individuals who have gone above and beyond the minimal educational requirements will often be able to command higher starting salaries than those who haven’t. Additionally, people with substantive education in their field will often qualify for raises faster. Other factors affecting an individual’s annual income in the field will include the employer as well as any areas of expertise she or he may have.

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List of Physical Therapy Programs in Kentucky

The physical therapy colleges and programs one can enroll in within the state of Kentucky include:

Asbury University
Bellarmine University
University of Kentucky

More Physical Therapy Schools in Kentucky

Bellarmine UniversityLouisville502.272.8000 / 502.272.82582001 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY
University of KentuckyLexington(859) 323-1100Lexington, Kentucky