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After you’ve decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, your next move should be to learn as much as possible regarding how to become a physical therapist. Louisville residents should note that the path to accomplishing their vocational objectives begins with enrollment in an accredited physical therapy school that offers the appropriate training programs, classes, preparatory courses, degrees, etc. To learn more about how to get the process of finding the right school started, review the helpful guide that appears below:

List of Elite Programs in Louisville

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Physical Therapist Certification in Louisville

physical therapy image1Louisville residents who wish to work in the physical therapy field must comply with all of Kentucky’s state guidelines. One such guideline is that you have your credentials evaluated by an approved institution such as the FCCPT or ICA. State residents must also take and pass the NPTE (National Physical Therapists Exam). Additionally, each program graduate is required to take a four hour AIDS course. Foreign graduates are also required to complete at least three months of supervised physical therapy from a board-approved organization.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Louisville

A Louisville citizen who works as a physical therapist can expect to earn about $70,000 each year. An individual who opts to pursue employment as a physical therapist assistant will typically bring home $54,000 annually. Please note that there are a variety of factors which can strongly influence your annual income in this sector. Some of those factors include whether you opt to enroll in ongoing educational courses and whether you have any areas of expertise that are valuable to your employer.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Louisville

Louisville is home to one physical therapy college:

Bellarmine University