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Selecting an occupation can play an integral role in determining your quality of life, and that is why it’s a subject you should give careful consideration to. In the event that you are a Miami resident who has already critically thought about the value of pursuing a career in physical therapy, you should note that your next course of action is enrollment in an excellent physical therapy college. To learn more about how to put this important process in motion, consider the information provided below:

List of Elite Programs in Miami

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Miami

Miami residents who want to ensure that they attain excellent educations should note that selecting a school that has successfully completed an accreditation process is important. Once you’ve located a school that is regionally accredited, move forward by calling its representatives to learn more about pertinent details such as the cost of attendance, length of the degree program, certification preparation, and any other perks or requirements involved in enrollment and attendance. Be sure to compare and contrast several schools in Miami and surrounding areas to ensure that you’re selecting a physical therapy program that is comparable to your personality and preferences.

Physical Therapist Certification in Miami

physical therapy image1Florida residents who wish to become physical therapists must pass the NPTE. They must also pass the Florida laws and rules examination. Additionally, applicants must be at least 18 years old and are required to successfully complete a three hour educational course on AIDS/HIV. Finally, applicants are required to take 2 hours worth of coursework in medical error prevention. Foreign licenses must be verified and those individuals who have attained a foreign education will be subject to credentials evaluation. Foreigners must attain an education that is equivalent to a bachelor’s in physical therapy.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Miami

Knowing what type of annual income you can expect to earn in the physical therapy industry is important. Therefore, Miami residents should be cognizant of the fact that physical therapists in their region typically earn $84,000 annually. Physical therapy assistants generally bring home $66,000 each year. Also remain cognizant of the fact that there are various things you can do to help catalyze a higher starting salary, such as participation in an internship.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Miami

There are four physical therapy programs that you can enroll in within the Miami region. They include:

University of Miami
Miami-Dade College
Florida International University
Nova Southeastern University