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Physical therapists care patients of all ages in a rehabilitation capacity for the treatment of injuries or medical conditions that limit movement. Responsibilities include assessing patient limitations, recommending medical treatment and exercise programs, maintaining medical records, assisting patients with therapeutic exercises and evaluating their progress.

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Accredited physical therapy schools must meet quality standards established by the American Physical Therapy Association Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. Once attained, regular reviews are performed to ensure criteria is met for training and licensing requirements. The American Physical Therapy Association website maintains a current listing of accredited physical therapy schools and is an excellent resource for students seeking accredited programs.

Physical Therapy Certification in New Mexico

physical therapy schools image1The minimum requirement in New Mexico to work as a physical therapist is a master’s degree. Doctoral degrees in physical therapy are also available. Completion of a state examination is necessary for employment. Physical therapy degrees are available at the undergraduate level through many New Mexico physical therapy colleges. An Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science degrees can be beneficial for those who plan to pursue an advanced degree with physical therapy classes or work as a physical therapy assistant.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in New Mexico

A 30 percent job growth rate is anticipated for physical therapists in New Mexico over the next three years. This faster than average rate is attributed to the aging baby boomer generation and the projected need for increased medical care. Employment opportunities in the field will be readily available in nursing homes and hospitals that care for the elderly and rural areas. The average annual salary for a licensed physical therapist in New Mexico is $77,990.

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List of Physical Therapy Programs in New Mexico

For the individual who wants to know how to become a physical therapist, it is important to understand the time commitment required. As noted previously, a graduate-level degree is the minimum requirement to sit for the physical therapy test for licensure. Physical therapy programs leading to a master’s or doctoral degree in New Mexico are limited to the University of New Mexico. As a leading accredited institution of higher learning, UNMs physical therapy training requires a 36-month degree series including classwork and clinical rotation hours. Courses include motor control, human anatomy, diagnostic imaging, pathology and therapeutic exercise, exercise science, pharmacology and neurophysiology. Students seeking admission to the school for a physical therapy license must have earned a bachelor’s degree in any other subject.

Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees are available through many community colleges in New Mexico and physical therapy classes online. However, these do not lead to licensing in the field.

Professional rehabilitation specialists are qualified to work with all age groups and backgrounds. While job opportunities will likely be available for helping the aged, the youth of New Mexico will still need care for sporting and accident injuries, making this an excellent field to pursue for the foreseeable future.

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