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Deciding what type of career to pursue is one of the most important decisions an individual can make. Whether you’ve chosen the field of physical therapy for personal or professional reasons, it’s important to note that your first step in developing an economically rewarding and personally fulfilling career is to find Oakland-based physical therapy colleges from which you can attain an exceptional, preparatory education. To learn more about your educational options as well as other information pertinent to your career development, read the data that appears below:

List of Elite Programs in Oakland

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Oakland

One of the most important things you need to do when you begin the process of selecting the right courses, degree programs, and training classes is to locate an educational facility that is accredited. Receiving your formal education from an accredited center is oftentimes crucial to your success because accredited colleges must conform to rigorous guidelines which ensure that the services they offer are conducive to your educational success and vocational development. After you locate an accredited college in the Oakland area or surrounding regions, be sure to call a representative and request informational packets and brochures that provide clear, detailed information regarding important matters such as the time it will take to earn your degree, scholarships, housing options, campus activities, school ranking, etc. Attaining this information can help you select the school that is most conducive to your personal values and professional objectives.

Physical Therapist Certification in Oakland

physical therapy image1Oakland residents need to be cognizant of California’s certification and licensing requirements to ensure that they are in compliance with their state’s rules and regulations. Aspiring physical therapists must ensure that they have their credentials evaluated by the ICD, IEC, IERF, ICA, or FCCPT. Additionally, Oakland residents must pass the NPTE and the CLE. Foreign graduates are required to successfully complete nine months worth of clinical service that is approved by the board. This requirement can be waived in the event that the graduate worked for nine or more months in an American state.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Oakland reports that Oakland residents typically earn about $118,000 each year when they work as physical therapists. Those individuals who opt to work as physical therapist assistants can expect to bring home about $92,000.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Oakland

There is one physical therapy college that you can attend in Oakland:

Samuel Merritt University