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Physical therapists are required to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree to be eligible for licensure. Omaha has one school that offers the classes needed to become a physical therapist. Creighton University is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. The school was the first college in the nation to offer the Doctor of Physical Therapy diploma.

List of Elite Programs in Omaha

Physical Therapy Certification in Omaha

physical therapy image1After finishing the courses required for the physical therapy degree, a therapist must obtain a license from the Nebraska Division of Public Health. The applicant must complete an application, submit an application fee and schedule the national exam. Applicants are also required to pass a state exam that covers the laws pertaining to the practice of physical therapy in Nebraska. Once the application is reviewed and the exams are passed, then the board will issue the applicant a license. The physical therapist is then legally certified to practice physical therapy in the state of Nebraska.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Omaha

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed the most recent annual salary for a physical therapist in Nebraska as $74,810. Salaries may vary based on the employment setting or work schedule. Omaha is home to many hospitals, and hospitals often pay premium pay for evening or weekend shifts. Higher volume practices may also offer higher salaries because of the increased workload. Areas with particularly high demand or those that are more rural are also likely to offer increased salaries.

List of Physical Therapy Programs in Omaha

Creighton University is the only physical therapy program in Omaha. The college offers students the opportunity to complete clinical experience at sites in the Omaha area or in other cities or states. Students are also given the option to complete a clinical education program in the Dominican Republic or in China if they choose to do so. The curriculum requires 8 semesters of full-time study to complete, but is completed in three calendar years since students also have summer semesters. Incoming students begin the course sequence in August.