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The Pacific coast is home to several great cities and a growing healthcare industry. The state of Oregon is no exception and the growing field of Physical Therapy continues to evolve throughout the state. With connections in between Washington and California, certification makes good sense.

List of Elite Programs in Oregon

Find Accredited Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon

The best locations for training and employment are located near the cities of Portland and Eugene. The coastal regions of Astoria to the south are also growing spots for these types of healthcare centers. Top-tier Physical Therapy schools should be fully accredited and able to grant licensing at all levels. Finding a community college or smaller college granting Physical Therapy Assistant programs is a great way to tap into the field and gain contacts on the path of obtaining a Physical Therapy License.

Physical Therapy Certification in Oregon

physical therapy schools image1Answering the question on how to become a Physical Therapist starts with the major pathways to certificates and degrees. Certification in Oregon for Physical Therapy training is certified under the American Physical Therapy Association. The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) maintains standards for all schools in Oregon. The process for certification involves providing a copy of the certificate for any professional education. PT licensing can be obtained through a Pre-Physical Therapy major or program.

Coursework pre-requisites are typically transferred into a doctoral program. All licensed PT programs are licensed with a Physical Therapy test in a doctoral program. Physical Therapy certification and a Physical Therapy test are obtained during this doctoral program. As a result, college licensing requires careful planning at the undergraduate level to ensure all pre-requisites are in place. Physical therapy classes teach a variety of medical procedures as well as a comprehensive hands-on training aspect in body movement and coordination. Many Physical Therapy colleges are connected with local hospitals and health clinics to provide the extensive 90-100 contact hours required for licensing.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Oregon

The most beneficial employment opportunities are located near the major city centers of Oregon. The average salary for Physical Therapists is approximately $85,000 for the state. PT assistants who are completing Physical Therapy classes online can obtain a salary of approximately $58,000. Many students complete this path to pay for additional education and gain valuable experience for employment opportunities as a certified Physical Therapist in Oregon.

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List of Physical Therapy Programs in Oregon

There are two major Physical Therapy programs in Oregon:

• George Fox University

This college offers a transition DPT program with students in advanced standing. Obtaining early pre-requisites can allow for completion in three years. The college is located near Newberg, OR.

• Pacific University

Pacific University offers a standard DPT program with connections in the College of Health Professions for interaction with other healthcare professionals and majors. The college is located near Hillsboro, OR.

More Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon

Pacific UniversityHillsboro503-352-7378222 SE 8th Avenue, Suite 333
Hillsboro, OR 97123-4218