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When it’s time to select a dynamic career that will keep you intellectually engaged and economically stable, you may want to consider working in the physical therapy sector. If you’re a Portland resident who is already interested in the field and you want to learn more about how to become a physical therapist, you should know that doing so is not that difficult. To get started, you must simply enroll in an accredited physical therapy school and take the types of classes and training programs that will facilitate excellence and expedience in terms of job performance. In order to learn more about the physical therapy colleges and degrees available in your local area, review the brief guide we’ve provided below:

List of Elite Programs in Portland

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Portland

When it comes to getting a high quality education, accreditation is incredibly important. Why? Because accreditation shows you that the learning institution in question has conformed to rigorous guidelines and will thus be able to offer you the exceptional, standardized education you deserve. Once you locate several accredited learning institutions in Portland or surrounding areas, your next step is to thoroughly research those programs to learn more about their course offerings, tuition costs, campus size, and all other pertinent information which will empower you to decide which program is most conducive to your personal proclivities and preferences.

Physical Therapist Certification in Portland

physical therapy image1Portland residents who wish to become physical therapists must ensure that they are in compliance with the guidelines administered by the state of Oregon. First, your credentials must be evaluated by the FCCPT. Also, you must earn a passing score on the NPTE (National Physical Therapists Exam). If you took your preparatory classes in another country, you must ensure that English was the native language. If it was not, you must pass the TOEFL, TSE, or TWE.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Portland

Typically, annual income is one of the primary concerns amongst individuals who are contemplating the pursuit of a career in physical therapy. If you live in Portland, note that you can expect to generate about $87,000 annually as a physical therapist. If you opt to work as a physical therapy assistant, you can bring home $87,000.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Portland

There is one Portland-based learning institution that you can attend to attain formal training in physical therapy:

Portland Community College