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Physical therapy is one of the medical careers growing at a fast rate across the country, and the need for licensed therapists working in Washington is quite high. Accredited physical therapy schools in the state better prepare students for understanding the anatomy of the human body and how to help patients recovering from certain illnesses and diseases. Washington is home to more accredited programs than nearly any other state. Students can use the skills they learn to work in hospitals, residential treatment centers and other medical facilities.

List of Elite Programs in Washington

Physical Therapy Certification in Washington

physical therapy image1Anyone professional working as a physical therapist in Washington must have a valid license. After completing their training at an accredited college or university, a graduate must submit his or her social security number, contact information, details about his or her birth place and a copy of a valid graduation certificate or diploma. Washington also requires answers to a series of personal questions that function as a background check and information about the experience of the applicant. Applicants will also need to complete an AIDS awareness seminar or training program. As with most states, those applying for a license in Washington will also need to take the national examination required of all physical therapists.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Washington

The cost of living in many cities in Washington is quite high, which is why the average pay of physical therapists is higher in this state. The median salary for therapists is just over $85,000 a year. There is a wide range of salaries reported among those workers though. This can drop as low as $60,000 or a year or rise to more than $90,000 a year. A small number of those working in the state make $100,000 or more every year.

List of Physical Therapy Programs in Washington

Physical therapy schools in Washington help students develop the right skills that will help them assist their patients. They learn more about how to use different exercises and machines to help patients heal and recover faster. Students can earn advanced degrees from four year training colleges, or they can earn a two year degree that they can use to work in the field before attending an advanced university. The schools operating in Washington that offer degrees in this field include:

Eastern Washington University
University of Puget Sound
Western Washington University
University of Washington
Tacoma Community College