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Top Physical Therapy Schools in Pennsylvania | PA Physical Therapy Colleges

Physical therapists assist those who were injured or had a surgical procedure improve their ability to walk and move, as well as improve their mobility through exercise. Some visit patients’ at home, and others work for hospitals, physicians, rehabilitation centers and retirement communities. Regaining mobility and strengthening muscles is critical to recover from surgery or […]

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Top Physical Therapy Schools in Fresno | CA Physical Therapy Colleges

California State University at Fresno offers the Doctor of Physical Therapy classes needed to obtain a license as a physical therapist. The curriculum takes three years of full-time study to complete, and the Fresno campus has clinics on-site to offer additional patient interaction opportunities for students. Students are also able to complete internships in addition […]

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Top Physical Therapy Schools in Louisiana | LA Physical Therapy Colleges

There are a number of different physical therapy schools within Louisiana, with some offering online education. However, as physical therapy is often hands-on, seeking out a more comprehensive program can be useful. The experience gained by working with volunteers in a classroom setting can be useful in seeking gainful employment after graduating with a degree […]

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