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Kansas City residents are likely aware that choosing which occupation to enter is one of the most personally and professionally significant decisions that they will make. If you’re a Kansas City citizen who has maintained interest in the physical therapy field for quite some time, you may be interested in learning about how to become a physical therapist. The most important thing to be cognizant of is the integral role that a high quality education will play in preparing you to excel within the field. To get your career off to a powerful start, you should learn all about the physical therapy colleges in Kansas City that can provide you with the courses, training programs, degrees, and licenses that you need. By studying the informational guide offered below, you’ll put yourself on the track to success:

List of Elite Programs in Kansas City

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in Kansas City

Once you begin your search for the perfect Kansas City physical therapist program, remember that the educational institution you select must be accredited. The main reason why choosing a school that has attained accreditation is important results from the fact that these institutions are in conformance with strict guidelines explicated and enforced at the regional, state, and/or national level. After you’ve located a school which is currently accredited, make a phone call and speak with the school’s admissions representatives to learn all about the physical therapy program and other relevant details such as how much you can expect to pay per semester and what campus life is like.

Physical Therapist Certification in Kansas City

physical therapy image1Like each state, Kansas has specific guidelines that Kansas City residents must comply with in order to work in the physical therapy sector. For example, you must get your credentials evaluated by the ICA, ICD, IERF, or FCCPT. You must also prepare for and pass the NPTE (National Physical Therapists Exam). Also, students who were not schooled in English will be required to pass the TOEFL and TSE.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in Kansas City

When it comes to determining whether you will pursue a career as a physical therapist, you are likely interested in learning what type of salary you can expect to earn. reports that physical therapists who work in Kansas City typically accrue $82,000. At the same time, a physical therapist assistant will generally garner $64,000.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in Kansas City

There is one physical therapy college in Kansas City that you can enroll in:

Kansas City Kansas Community College