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Physical therapists have one of the most important jobs in the therapy field. They are the ones who help patients learn their limitations and help them recover after a specific injury keeps them from living their lives the way they did before. Before you enroll in the first program that you see, you should look for an accredited school. Schools with accreditation in New Hampshire do more to prepare you for the future and may also let you gain some hands on experience working with real patients.

List of Elite Programs in New Hampshire

Physical Therapy Certification in New Hampshire

physical therapy schools image1The New Hampshire Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals is the organization that offers licenses for physical therapists working in the state. You must complete an electronic application packet and submit that packet online, and you must submit that application at least 24 hours before the department holds its monthly meeting. The application asks you questions about where you attended school, any field experience that you have and if you have any existing licenses from New Hampshire or another state. New Hampshire applicants must also pack a background check that shows they do not have any felony or other criminal charges.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in New Hampshire

Though New Hampshire is a small state, it does have a higher cost of living than you might find in other parts of the country. Licensed therapists report making around $84,000 a year, but you can expect to make less when you first leave college. New graduates usually earn a lower annual salary of closer to $70,000 or $71,000. The top 10 percent of all therapists working in the state bring home $90,000 or more every year, and a small number earn more than $100,000 a year.

Nearby States

List of Physical Therapy Programs in New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce University is the most reputable and accredited physical therapy program in the state. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree for those interested in working in the field. All programs include some level of hands on training as well. If you don’t want to attend training at this university, you can apply to one of the programs offered by:

North Shore Community College
Hesser College
Mount Wachusett Community College

Both community colleges offer a two year option designed to give students a basic understanding of various topics before transferring to a college or university.

More Physical Therapy Schools in New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce UniversityConcord603.228.87335 Chenell Drive
Concord, NH 03301-8503