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San Francisco residents who have decided to begin dynamic careers in the physical therapy sector should note that the key to profound, sustained success is the attainment of a great education. To get this process started, San Francisco citizens need to learn as much as possible about the educational courses, programs, training, degrees, and licenses that are available to them. Once you’ve attained this information, you’ll be prepared to move forward with the certitude and knowledge necessary to perform extraordinarily well in the physical therapy job market and your future career. To ensure that you accomplish these objectives, carefully consider the information that follows:

List of Elite Programs in San Francisco

Find Accredited Physical Therapist Schools in San Francisco

As mentioned earlier, residents of San Francisco who have determined to pursue a career in the physical therapy sector need to know that getting an education is an unavoidable and integral step in the process. To begin, you can go online and locate San Francisco-based accredited learning institutions that will offer you the type of relevant, contemporary classes that prepare you to excel in the industry. If you’re curious as to why selecting an accredited institution is important, remember that these institutions have had to conform to stringent guidelines which ensure that they are operating in excellence.

Physical Therapist Certification in San Francisco

physical therapy image1San Francisco residents who are ready to pursue the career of their dreams should note that specific certification/licensing requirements exist in the state of California. One of them is that students must have their credentials evaluated from ICD, ICA, FCCPT, IERF, or IEC. Additionally, they must pass the National Physical Therapists Exam as well as the California State Exam.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Jobs in San Francisco

San Francisco residents who wish to become physical therapists should note that they can expect to bring in $114,000 each year. Additionally, physical therapist assistants who reside in San Francisco will typically garner $81,000. As you prepare to enter the field, keep in mind that several factors can affect how much you make. One such factor is who you work for. Other factors include any areas of expertise you have as well as the extent of your education.

List of Physical Therapist Programs in San Francisco

There are several San Francisco physical therapy training courses available from a wide range of schools. Some of them include:

University of California-San Francisco
San Francisco State University
Samuel Merritt University